about Rainharvesting Systems

A little about Rainharvesting Systems Ltd. We are part of the Greenshop Group of companies based in Bisley, Gloucestershire. The group comprises several businesses, each focused on a particular sustainable technology or service.

We have built our reputation through the constant development of our knowledge, an in-depth understanding of our products and a policy of only supplying equipment that is proven, reliable and efficient.

Why choose us?

Here are the key features incorporated into the design of our systems:

  • Self-contained filter unit – not hidden inside the tank like others
  • Easy-access filter cleaning – no need to access the tank for simple routine cleaning
  • Special aerating calmed inlet diffuser pre-fitted into the tank
  • Unique purpose-made skimming trapped overflow with anti-backflow device pre-fitted into the tank
  • Professional stainless steel multi-stage submersible pump
  • Pumps fitted with fine stainless steel suction filter
  • Full 1″ bore pump delivery pipe for minimum pressure loss
  • Advanced low-energy pump controller with in-built diagnostics
  • Ethical trading
  • Top quality products
  • Experience and practical know-how
  • In-depth product knowledge
  • Sound honest advice
  • Excellent technical support
  • Reliable after-sales service
  • Commissioning and maintenance services
Visit Our Showroom
Office exterior Rainharvesting Systems

You are welcome to visit the Green Shop during normal office hours, and there is usually someone available to advise and answer your questions about rainwater harvesting and related issues. You are also able to speak to other members of the Greenshop Group regarding other technologies and services, and to view the extensive range of products in the shop itself.

We are easy to find: map

Call us to arrange a visit  01452 772000

Greenshop Group website.

Products On Display

We have many of our products on display including a working demonstration of one of our famous Vortex filters… We also have our own rainwater harvesting systems which have been carefully monitored over several years.

about us monitoring display panel
WISY WFF display

CPRE Award

The Greenshop Group won the prestigious Gloucestershire CPRE (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England) Award for the constructions of our headquarters.

Jane Powell, Roger Budgeon and Derek Hunt
Jane Powell, Roger Budgeon and Derek Hunt all represented the Greenshop Group with two of the architects from RIBA award-winning company, Architype, who designed the new building.

SWIG Awards

The SWIG Awards are presented every year by the Sustainable Water Industries Group projects demonstrating sustainable water use.

We gained our first award in 2011 for the non-residential category for the system we supplied to Cardiff Bus depot for their vehicle washing plant.

We won again in 2013 for the non-residential retro-fit category for the system at the Wrigleys factory in Plymouth that uses rainwater for cooling.

We added to the list in 2015 when we were Highly Commended in both the Product and the Open Spaces & Agriculture categories.

About our work environment

We live and work with our products.

Our multi-award winning offices incorporate the technologies that we promote. Built to a high standard of sustainable construction – in addition to rainwater harvesting, the building has photovoltaic panels, natural ventilation and a hi-tec heating system run entirely from solar thermal and biomass. The timber framed structure includes high levels of insulation, making it energy and thermally efficient.

We are a Carbon Neutral company.

We are a Carbon Neutral company.

We are proud to have achieved carbon zero status.

Office exterior Rainharvesting Systems