Meeting sustainability targets and reducing energy consumption in British Industry

British Industry can save a great deal of money by investing in water saving systems. Water consumption in the British industrial and manufacturing sector equates to millions of litres per day.

Rainarvesting Systems Ltd. have completed many successful systems for industrial buildings. For example, systems can be supplied for:

Wisy manufacturing plant
  • Cooling systems
  • Data centres
  • Vehicle washing facilities
  • Fire fighting
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Dust suppression

Systems for Industry are all designed to suit the needs of the building and tailored to maximize savings and improve energy efficiency. With water costs set to rise year on year, systems installed in manufacturing facilities can often have pay back times of under 3 years.

Companies can benefit from Enhanced Capital Allowances: If you’re a business that pays income or corporation tax, you’ll be able to claim 100% of the cost of an asset if it’s on the Water Technology List at the time of purchase – that means you can deduct its full cost from your profits before tax.

If you are designing a new industrial building and want to incorporate a rainwater harvesting system or have an existing premises that is using a lot of non potable water, feel free to discuss the options with our experience team.