Residential rainwater systems are at the heart of the rainwater harvesting market. Self-builds, new builds, renovations, eco developments and social housing are all benefiting from water saving using rainwater harvesting systems provided by Rainharvesting Systems Ltd.

Rainharvesting Systems Ltd pioneered this market in the UK and have remained leaders in the field, with focus being given to providing householders with low maintenance residential rainwater systems. Our Rainsava EcoPro, which has active system pressure monitoring, allows the homeowner to quickly check that the system is running correctly. Other features generic to all our systems are high quality pumps and easy-to-clean filters that eliminate the need to open the tank.

Systems available for residential properties are:
RainSava Classic
RainSava Eco Pro
maxima system
RainSava Garden Systems
Social Housing Scheme system
Self Builds

The Self-build market is an important one for rainwater harvesting and we at RHS have supplied this market with many systems over the years. Attention to detail, focus on energy consumption and long-term reliability are all factors that a self-builder considers when choosing their system.

Budget is always a huge factor in deciding which system to go for, therefore Rain Harvesting Systems Ltd invite any potential self builders to visit our office to discuss the different options open to them so they can learn the long term maintenance implications of choosing a system on a budget.

EcoTowns – (Low energy systems)

When implementing rainwater harvesting for a whole EcoTown, or any large estate, it is vital to keep the pumping energy costs as low as possible. The Rainsava EcoPro utilises the latest pump control technology to ensure that the pump uses very little energy when not being used. Large estates using rainwater harvesting will save thousands of pounds a year in energy over traditional automatic pumps.

The carbon footprint of the system should also be considered. British-made tanks have the benefit of reduced carbon footprint due to fewer transport miles, compared with importing tanks from Europe.

Reducing water run off

With greater emphasis being put on protection against localised flooding, areas where the ground permeability is poor will benefit a lot from recycling rainwater. We are skilled in looking for the right solution for each specific site to ensure that a recycling system can be installed with the least implications on budget.

Social Housing

Keeping costs low but providing a good robust system is important for social housing, That’s why we often opt for a combined storage tank to supply water to all the homes on an estate. Permeable paving can also be used to store water to remove the cost of installing a large underground tank.