Calmed Inlets
Calmed Inlets
Rainwater tank calmed inlet
Stainless steel flow calmer for 100mm pipe

High quality stainless steel flow-calming inlets designed to smooth the flow of water entering the tank, thereby avoiding disturbance of any fine sediments at the bottom of the tank. Fitted to the open end of the vertical inlet pipe at the base of the tank, the device also prevents disturbance of any float switch or sensor etc.

The expanded steel mesh diffuses the flow and forces it upwards into the body of water.

Calmed inlet diffusers are available to fit 100mm, 150mm and 200mm ID pipes.

All of our RainSava® and RainTech® GRP tanks are pre-fitted with this type of calmed inlet as standard.

150mm flow calmer
Stainless steel flow calmer for 150mm pipe
flow calmer