Float Switches
Float Switches
Rainwater pump float switch

Precision float switch with a pivot bracket fitted to stainless steel mounting clamp. These are designed to be fitted to a pump body or inlet pipe.

As they remain in a fixed position, the on and off levels of the switch are precise. This is particularly useful when the switch is controlling the filling levels for topping up a tank with mains water.

By limiting the movement of the switch, the level of water is easily controlled (typically 90mm level rise), thereby leaving the maximum tank volume free to collect the next rainfall event.

The switch is normally fitted to the body of a submersible pump, or if used within a break tank, fitted to inlet pipework. It is available in two versions;
Red body for dry-run protection (when it drops, it switches the pump off)
Yellow body for mains water top-up (when it drops, it switches the mains water top-up off)

Switches are available with clamps to to fit 50mm, 100mm and 150mm diameters, and with either 3m, 10m or 20m pre-fitted cables.