Insulated One-piece GRP Tanks
Insulated GRP Aboveground Tanks
Insulated break tank
One-piece break tank
One-piece break tank

One-piece or sectional tanks of GRP ‘sandwich’ construction with up to 50mm insulation, suitable for internal or external use. Can be used as main storage tanks, or supplied for use as a break tank within a building.

One-piece tanks are available in a wide range of sizes so the appropriate model can be selected to suit the available space. Capacities from 30 litres to 9,000 litres.

Sectional tanks can be built to almost any capacity. For internal use these are most useful where restricted access (e.g. loft hatch or plant room doorway) prohibits the use of a one-piece version. For outdoor use sectional construction enables tanks of almost any size and shape to be built. All sectional tanks include installation, carried out by specialist fitters.

Tanks can be supplied fitted with float switches, valve housings and inlet valves. We can also supply drip trays or bunds where required.