Header & Break Tanks
Rainwater Header Tanks

We offer tanks of various sizes for internal use as header or break tanks in rainwater harvesting systems. In either case the tank will receive rainwater pumped from the main storage tank (usually underground), but will also have a second connection from the mains water supply.

A header tank is simply a tank which gives a gravity feed from high level down to WCs and other outlets at a lower level. The pressure from the tank is dependent on the height from the water in the tank to the outlet that it is supplying, so this should be borne in mind. Note: a height of 10m will provide 1 bar (or 14.5 psi) of pressure.

A break tank is similar but is used in conjunction with a booster set, so does not have to be at a higher level, and is frequently used at ground or basement level in larger buildings. The water is then supplied to the required outlets, having been raised to the required pressure by the booster pump set.

Rainwater Header Tanks
Rainwater header tank

18-litre dual inlet header tank for domestic use. Complete with screened weir overflow and drip-tray.  This unit is fitted with two inlet valves, one of which is specially adapted to operate at low level.  Requires no power supply as it uses no float switches.  It is very compact and is ideal where the system is just supplying WCs.

Rainwater header tank

Where a larger capacity is required we have several one-piece pre-fitted polyethylene header tanks with dual inlets and control float switches. These are supplied set-up and ready to install. The two float switches are set at different levels, one to control the pumped rainwater supply, the other controls the mains water back-up supply via a solenoid vavle type AA air gap (tundish). The 112-litre size is ideal for domestic use or small commercial projects supplying up to 10 WCs. The 225L and 450L versions are for larger projects.

Download Datasheet for header tanks with float switch control
Download Datasheet for header tanks with float valve control
Rainwater Break Tanks
Insulated break tank

Where even larger volumes are required, or where a pre-insulated tank is demanded, we can supply tanks of any size in GRP. These can be fitted with float switches or sensors to control the mains water and rainwater feeds as required. We can also supply tanks with a Keraflo valve fitted into a raised housing on top of the tank.

Such tanks can be either single piece or sectional, single or twin compartment, and can be supplied with drip trays.