Zeta 02 Ultra-Low-Energy Pump Controller
Zen Ultra Low Energy Pump Controller
Zeta pump controller

The Zeta 02 is a simple but reliable pump controller suitable for automatically operating a wide range of pumps. It can be mounted directly on top of a surface pump, or remotely in-line for submersibles. Its advanced technology gives it an extremely low standby power consumption of only 0.2 watt; the lowest of any comparable product available. This unique feature saves up to 130kwh per year, giving a CO2 reduction of 97% over comparable products.

It also features advanced diagnostics to adjust pump run-on time and starting frequency.

Connects hydraulically and electrically to the pump, with pressure gauge and integral power socket for pump connection. Can be supplied with stainless steel mounting bracket for use when sited remotely from the pump.

Pump switch-on pressure is 1.5 bar, maximum pressure 10 bar. 1″ bps connections.