Hydrapro Filters
Hydrapro FT
In-line filter, low profie

HYDRAPRO® FT filters are perfect for use where a low invert loss is required. With a reduced fall of only 80mm between inlet and waste outlet, they can be used in many situations where other filters won’t work, and limiting the impact on site drainage levels. It is designed to be installed within a chamber (e.g. concrete rings). Alternatively we can supply the filter already fitted to the underground tank if required.

The HYDRAPRO® FT filter also incorporates an optional self-cleaning function. Built in to the body of the unit, a laser-cut slot emits an unbroken jet of water across the filter surface, washing any debris into the waste outlet. This significantly reduces maintenance. This function can be simply manually activated or automated using a motorised valve and timer control. (If the system also using a HYDRAPRO® control panel this function is built in)

Manufactured entirely from 316 stainless steel, the HYDRAPRO®  filters are versatile and adaptable for a range of installation conditions, and can be used above or below ground. Where required, a stainless steel cover with neoprene seal can be supplied.

Variable design

Available for connection to pipe sizes 200, 250 and 300mm, HYDRAPRO® FT filters are suitable for roof areas up to 1000m2, 2000m2 and 3000m2 respectively. Larger roof areas can be accommodated by using multiple filters if necessary. The filters can be built into a chamber prior to the rainwater tank, within the rainwater tank itself, or alternatively, above the rainwater tank in the case of above ground tanks. It’s self-cleaning jet spray function reduces maintenance, saving money.


Increased performance

The HYDRAPRO® FT filter benefits from a unique jet spray system, which when connected to a water inlet, will filly clean the surface of  filter mesh. The jet spray inlet pipe can be connected to a manual or automatic (solenoid) valve to make cleaning the filter easy or even automated. This feature is especially useful when there is a requirement for total automation and minimal manual system maintenance.


Reduced impact on drainage levels

Drainage on some construction sites can be challenging, so the low profile of HYDRAPRO® filters are an obvious choice.

Filter efficiency: 95%

Roof areas: 1000m², 2000m², 3000m²

Construction material: Stainless steel

Jet spray inlet diameter: 25mm

Fall from inlet to waste outlet: 80mm

Suitable for: Chamber or Tank installation

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