UV Kit for rainwater
UV disinfection

We supply a range of high quality stainless steel Ultra-Violet Sterilisation units suitable for treating rainwater, spring water etc. to EU bathing or drinking standards.

If collected rainwater is to be used in domestic situations for drinking, showers, hand-washing, etc, or commercially in pressure washers for example, it must first be treated in some way. One of the best methods of water disinfection is UV disinfection; it’s safe, reliable and energy-efficient.

The water to be treated must be free of particles, so it is usually necessary to fit pre-filters before the UV unit. These may consist of wound string cartridges or polypropylene bag filters and will remove all particles down to 5 microns.

The rainwater then flows through the UV unit where it pass through a tube surrounded by UV light. The light destroys the DNA of any microorganisms within the water, rendering them harmless. This process is instant, effective and reliable. No chemicals are involved and the taste of the water is not affected. However, UV sterilisation cannot remove discoloration, or any existing bad taste.

There are various models available, depending on the peak flow rate required, and the levels of controls required. Please see the datasheet for more information.