Water Meters
Water Meters

We supply water meters in various sizes depending on pipe size and flow rate required. We have both standard meters and also pulsed-output models for system monitoring and BMS connection. These can be connected to a visual display panel which gives a live reading of the amount of water being used / saved.

Standard meters
Water meter
Standard water meter

The ‘Type K’ pictured here is suitable for tanks with or without raised valve housings and is ideal for pumped water lines (e.g. rainwater).   The puncture-proof float eliminates stress on the tank wall and gives precise hammer-free opening and closing.

The ‘up and over’ discharge facilites air-gap compliance.

Available in sizes from 1/2” to 2″ bsp.

Keraflo Type KB
MTK pulsed-output water meter

The ‘Type KB’ valve provides a fully variable delayed action with precise opening and closing levels. It is especially suitable for use on a mains water feed into a break tank, so is ideal for rainwater harvesting systems of the indirect type. Fitted into an appropriate raised housing, the ‘KB’ type valve provides a type AB air gap in compliance with the Water Regulations requirements for backflow prevention.

The opening and closing levels of the valve are infinitely variable up to 1.8 metres depth and can be adjusted quickly without the use of any tools.

Available in sizes from 3/4” to 3″ bsp.