Wisy WFF 150 Vortex filter
VORTEX WFF150 Filter - Rainwater Harvesting filter

The WISY® WFF150 Vortex filter is designed to filter water from roof areas up to *500m². The advanced design offers users the finest filtration, unique oxygenation, and the easiest cleaning. It is also extremely robust and durable, having a 30t vehicle-duty capacity. Widely used on commercial properties, it naturally features in our RainTech® rainwater harvesting systems.

As it is a completely self-contained unit, and separate from the tank, it is far easier and safer to maintain than most in-tank filters. Even with tanks that are only about 60cm below ground, it is difficult to reach into the tank to get to the filter without kneeling or even lying on the ground. With our Vortex filters, there is no need to access the tank, and the long lifting handle supplied makes for really simple maintenance.

So easy access, adding oxygen to the water, and being the finest filter on the market (at 0.28mm) make the VORTEX filter the first choice for any professional rainwater harvesting system.

*the 500m² figure quoted is a nominal figure and should be used as a guide only. It has been calculated based on a rainfall intensity of 5mm per m² in 15 minutes. During such conditions, on a 500m² roof, the filter will function at a hydraulic efficiency of over 95%. This is equivalent to 2.78 litres per second. The actual capacity of a 150mm ID pipe is 12.8 litres/sec with the pipe 0.7 full (according to DIN EN 12056)

Typical Applications
  • Large domestic properties
  • Commercial buildings
  • Distribution centres
  • SUDS: Pre-attenuation filtration
  • Vehicle wash plants
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Farm buildings
  • Garden centres, nurseries etc.
Breakdown of WFF300

Vertical Filtration

Because the filtering surface is vertical, the WISY Vortex WFF150 is very efficient at self-cleaning; the flow of incoming water simply washes away any debris that accumulates on the surface of the filter element. Most importantly, all the debris is washed away into the storm drain. However, we do recommend the filter insert is removed and cleaned thoroughly with a soft brush every 2-3 months. This is a 5-minute job, and ensures maximum efficiency of the filter.


Oxygen Enriching

WISY Vortex filters are renowned for their oxygen adding capabilities. When storing rainwater, it is vital that oxygen levels are high to inhibit the growth of undesirable anaerobic organisms and avoid stagnation.

Easy Maintenance

All WISY filter inserts are designed for very low maintenance. It is virtually impossible for debris or dirt to stick to their smooth, stainless-steel surface. As a result, the filter inserts are virtually self-cleaning. When necessary, the filter insert can easily be lifted out of the housing by means of the supplied lifting handle for cleaning, either by hand or using a high-pressure cleaner.


Vortex 150 dims

Easy Safe Cleaning

Cleaning of the WISY vortex filter is simple and safe. Just use the supplied handle to remove the mesh cartridge, clean it with a brush under warm water and replace it periodically to continue to get the positive benefits of the filter.

Traffic Loading

The tough polypropylene casing of the Vortex filter allows for installation in traffic areas. the WISY Vortex 150 can be driven on by vehicles of up to 30 Tonnes (GVW)

Max Drained area: 500 sq.m

Filter efficience: 95%

Housing: Polypropylene

Seals: Rubber

Filter insert & mesh: Stainless-steel

Filter mesh size: 0.28mm

Rainwater inlet: DN150

Clean water outlet (to tank): DN100

Dirty water outlet: DN150

Cover load: 30t GVW

Wisy Vortex