System Maintenance
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Our systems have been developed over the years with careful consideration towards the amount of effort involved in routine maintenance. We have given a lot of thought to the design of our  products to ensure maximum performance with minimum input. This is particularly so with our domestic scale systems, with the use of robust and reliable components and simple proven design.

But even our more sophisticated professional systems for commercial and industrial situations are easily maintained and can have advanced features such as self-washing filters and remote system monitoring via Building Management Systems or web browser interface.

For RainSava® domestic systems, refer to our general maintenance guide.

You can also request a new copy of the Operating & Maintenance Manual for your particular system. To ensure we send you the correct document, we need to know the serial number of your system. You can then call or email us with this number and we will send the necessary document. If you are unable to locate the serial number, we can usually trace it for you; call us for assistance.

For domestic systems this can be found on the small yellow label attached to the pump control unit:

pump controller

On commercial systems the serial number will be found on the yellow label attached to the control panel.

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- our Annual Maintenance Service
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For added peace of mind, we offer a yearly maintenance service. Generally this is not necessary for simple domestic and garden irrigation systems, because the routine maintenance is so simple and is easily carried out by the householder. However, if you prefer to have an an annual or bi-annual service and check-up we can arrange this at your request.

For commercial systems, we recommend that an annual maintenance service is carried out, either by ourselves or by an independent specialist. Our own trained engineers are skilled operatives with relevant qualifications and lengthy experience in their specialist field.

Our RainCare® service covers all aspects of the system. Call 01452 772000 for full details or to arrange a service.