WFF Vortex Rainwater Filters

Wisy Vortex filters offer the best in rainwater filtration and are widely used throughout the world. The unique construction and function of these filters provides several features not found in other types of filter.

By exploiting the natural ‘adhesive’ property of water (also known as the Coanda effect ) these special filters are able to have a vertical mesh surface. Because of this vertical construction, debris that gathers on the mesh surface is simply washed off and falls in to the waste outlet. Other rainwater filters have either flat or a slightly inclined surface, which is far more prone to blockage.

WFF Vortex filters have remarkable efficiency yet very fine filtration. With the mesh size at only 0.28mm, this is far finer than the nearest rival, so therefore gives cleaner stored water that will stay healthy for longer.

The other unique feature of the Vortex filter is the way that its’ action introduces air into the water as it filters. This effect can be clearly seen in this video clip.

As with all products from WISY AG, WFF Vortex filters are made to a very high standard and are always our preferred choice

WISY Vortex WFF100 Filter rainwater filter
  • Finest filtration available – 0.28mm
  • Unique oxygenation of filtered water
  • Vertical mesh construction
  • Vehicle duty – 30t GVW
  • Extremely robust polypropylene construction
  • Filter element in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • 5 year warranty