Schools – Colleges – Universities

Helping the next generation learn about water,
conservation and the importance of protecting our
precious natural resource.

Rainwater harvesting systems for schools are great for educating children about the benefits of conservation of our natural resources. They save money by not wasting water, and help to encourage an environmentally responsible attitude in the next generation. With low energy pumps and controls, there are no negatives to using a rainwater system in a school.

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Rainharvesting Systems Ltd. have to date supplied systems to over 80 schools and colleges throughout the UK, resulting in huge savings in water bills and significantly contributing to the reduction of stormwater run-off.

Sizes of tanks, types of filters, and pumps used, depend on the design and size of the school, college or university. Demand normally comes in surges at lunch and break times, so to cut back on pump starts, a header tank or break tank is used where the design of the building permits.

As experts in the specification, supply, commissioning and maintenance of school systems, we are well placed to help ensure rainwater is effectively used. Systems are bespoke for each school to ensure the system is energy efficient, reliable and easy to maintain.

System options available:
  • Any tank size as required
  • Variable speed pumps for better efficiency
  • Booster sets to minimize tank top up
  • Educational display monitoring
  • BMS Outputs
  • Pump failure warning
  • Tank level indication
  • Oxygenating filters
  • Self cleaning filters
  • Headertank systems where appropriate
  • UV disinfection where necessary

School systems often have educational and monitoring displays to show the litres of mainswater saved in the rainwater system, helping to combine the system with the national curriculum and aid learning.

Display units can be bespoke with a picture of the school, and have an LCD monitor to show full system functionality.

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Benefits to using rainwater in schools:
  • Rainwater Harvesting will gain BREEAM Scoring
  • Rainwater Harvesting can often achieve a fast payback
  • Rainwater harvesting will reduce the risk of flooding and have a positive effect on surface water drainage