WISY AG - the company
Wisy manufacturing plant
The WISY AG engineering factory in Hitzkirchen

Wisy AG was founded in 1989 as a manufacturer of high grade stainless steel rainwater filters, and quickly gained recognition for quality products. Thanks to its unique filtering concept and its success in systematically developing its product range, the company quickly grew to become the leading manufacturer of high quality rainwater harvesting systems.

WISY is now securely established as a global supplier of rain harvesting products with partners in over 40 countries.

In addition to manufacturing high-quality products, the company has always understood the importance of product-specific training. In an in-house training centre, more than 10,000 installers and distributors have since received instruction in the fundamental principles of rainwater harvesting.

WISY is a founder member of the German Association for Rainwater Harvesting (FBR) and also participates in the DIN committees which drew up the currently applicable standards.

WISY’s products have consequently found use in many thousands of projects around the world, especially where professional rainwater harvesting solutions are required. It is in public buildings in particular – schools, hospitals, and fire stations, for example – that WISY products can guarantee a reliable rainwater supply. Private home owners appreciate the easy of use and the extremly low maintenance requirements of their products.

The name WISY is synonymous with quality and durability!

The WISY Foundation

In 2009 Norbert Winkler, the founder of WISY AG, used his shares in the company to set up the WISY Foundation with the following aim:

“To promote science, research and environmental protection, with particular focus on rainwater harvesting and the safeguarding of water resources, both nationally and internationally.”

Projects and cooperative partnerships with non-profit organizations are helping to achieve this goal. Recently, for example, the Foundation were able to lend support to a project for developing ceramic water filters in Uganda. These are designed to filter bacteria and suspended matter out of rainwater so that it is fit to drink.

The WISY Foundation is the principle shareholder in WISY AG and its activities are financed by the company. The WISY Foundation is therefore empowered to make an important contribution to the protection and wise use of valuable water resources.